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Author Topic: Urgent Message to Congress!  (Read 39705 times)

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  • DEMAND a recount of election 2012! Massive fraud cannot stand!
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  • DEMAND a recount of election 2012! Massive fraud cannot stand!
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Urgent Message to Congress!
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2012, 04:21:10 PM »

Urgent Message to Congress!

To All Senators and Representatives:

We call on you, as citizens of a Nation in dire distress, to HALT the electoral vote count, January 6, 2013. Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy of the United States of America! He is destroying this country at a rapid pace. He continues to circumvent Congress to achieve his Socialist/Marxist plan. This is undeniable!

We demand that you repudiate the second term of Barack Obama, based on grounds of treason, dereliction of duty and general thuggery! This is a short list of endless examples:

1. Massive voter fraud and voting machine failures throughout the country. Military ballots were not mailed on time and/or not counted. People were bussed in to vote from out-of-state. Others were given listings of candidates and told to vote for Obama. Illegal aliens were registered and voted, as well as other fiascoes. These acts resulted in the worst election disaster in our history! Ultimately, we need a nationwide recount. We need illegal votes removed and all military votes counted.

2. Barack Obama's campaign donors and bundlers receive kickbacks and special considerations, in various forms. Obama also accepted foreign donations.

3. ObamaCare was ramrodded through Congress without reading it! Democrats made backroom deals to get the bill passed. They bribed Rep. Bart Stupak to vote “Yea” and were deceptive about the abortion policy. Now companies face fines for not adding abortion to their insurance plans, even if against their religion. Taxpayers must pay for something they may not believe is right.

4. Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder's involvement, evidence stalling and cover-up of information, regarding Operation Fast and Furious is appalling! This administration ran guns into Mexico, which resulted in numerous deaths, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata.

5. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rejected repeated requests for security at the Benghazi Embassy. Obama denied pleas for air support during the attack! Obama watched four Americans die and did nothing, then lied for two weeks about a stupid video!

6. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have promoted and supported the global advancement of, spreading 'global democracy' via mob rule. This group appeared in the early days of the coup in Egypt.

7. Obama has funded over $450,000,000 to the Muslim Brotherhood and promoted their control of Egypt. He is now sending them 20 F-16's, valued at $213,000,000.

8. The Obama administration sent $147,000,000 to the West Bank and Hamas-run Gaza, circumventing Congress, once again.

9. Security clearances have been given to members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

10. Barack Obama has weakened our military through rules of engagement and lack of funding.

11. U.S. tax dollars squandered away on “green energy” cronyism while this nation struggles. Example: 34 companies given taxpayer's money have gone bankrupt! No legitimate vetting prior to federal support.

12. Barack Obama banned domestic drilling, defying a federal court order. Then he loaned $2,000,000,000 to communist-run Brazil to drill off the coast of Rio De Janeiro.

13. Using the Marxist term “We Can't Wait” (taken from Vladimir Lenin and the Swedish Social Democratic Workers' Party), Barack Obama has written numerous Executive Orders, circumvented Congress and our U.S. Constitution. Obama's Executive Orders have benefitted the unions, the United Nations and others. He is assuming dictatorial status.

14. Barack Obama used Vladimir Lenin's term “Forward!” as his main campaign slogan.

15. Barack Obama has appointed or nominated Socialist/Marxist/Communist-tied persons to top official government or campaign positions: Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, John Kerry, Carol Browner, Anita Dunn, Patrick Gaspard, Jeff Jones, Andy Stern, Mike Klonsky, Antonio Villaraigosa, and others. He even appointed pedophilia advocate Kevin Jennings as a 'Safe School Czar'!

16. Barack Obama has many communist or communist-tied friends and mentors: Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Frances Fox Piven, Tom Hayden, Carl Davidson, Rep. Danny K. Davis, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Jodie Evans, Sam Graham-Felsen, Gregory Galluzzo, Mike Kruglik, Alice Palmer, Wade Rathke, and many, many others.

17. Barack Obama and Hilda Solis are in 'solidarity' with the communist-backed AFL-CIO unions and leader, Richard Trumka. The AFL-CIO unions, SEIU, FLOC, are found in many marches enjoined by Communist Party USA and other Marxist groups: Occupy, Black Bloc, Code Pink, Anonymous, and many others. Continental and United Airlines pilots (ALPA union) even marched in 'solidarity' with OWS!

18. Barack Obama robs from the embattled taxpayers to pay nearly $5,000,000 in salaries to union leaders, listed at the U.S. DOT! One is President of the AFSCME Local 1653

19. Marxist/Communist leaders have praised Barack Obama's re-election: Sam Webb, CPUSA; Vladimir Putin, Russia; Hugo Chavez, Venezuela; and, Raul Castro, Cuba. Pravda called Obama a communist.

20. While a U.S. Senator from IL, Barack Obama campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga in Kenya. Odinga lost the race, then called for riots. This led to many dead Christians.

21. The Obama administration purchased massive amounts of hollow point bullets. For what purpose?

22. The Obama administration manipulates the news media. They operate as a government controlled entity! Best stated by Anita Dunn “We controlled the press.”

23. It's one abysmal financial disaster after another with Barack Obama! He has not passed a budget in four years. He has increased the U.S. deficit nearly $6,000,000,000,000. Our country lost it's prized AAA credit rating for the first time in history. Gas prices have skyrocketed from $1.898 per gallon, on inauguration day, to today's national average: $3.298.

24. Barack Obama's basic open border policy is diminishing our nation's sovereignty. He and Eric Holder are hindering states rights to curtail and arrest illegals in their state. Instead of deporting illegals, they promote social programs and advance the illegal population in this country with hardworking taxpayer's money. Obama promotes the anarcho-communist theory of open borders.

25. The unemployment level has nearly doubled under Barack Obama. G.W. Bush's 96 month average: 7,839,000. Obama's 47 month average: 13,877,000.
The unemployment rate monthly average: GWB: 5.27%; Obama: 9.0% The highest level, under Obama: 28 months between 9.0 and 10.0%.

26. The number of people on food stamps has increased 16,143,287 under Barack Obama, from 31,567,037 in Dec 2008 to 47,710,324 in Sept 2012

27. Barack Obama is following the Cloward-Piven Strategy at warp speed. This plan, written by two communists, called for more people on the public dole to collapse the system. In return, these people will continue to vote for those who aid their support.

28. Other treasonous actions by Barack Obama: 1) He bombed Libya without the consent of Congress. 2) Mobilized mob violence against the Governor of Wisconsin, via Organizing For Obama website; and many more.

29. On top of all the treasonous actions by Barack Obama, there are still major issues regarding his eligibility. We have an “unknown” sitting in the Oval Office who has fought a million dollar battle to hide his birth certificate and other records. He produced a fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificate, analyzed by Mara Zebest, a PhotoShop expert, and others. His Social Security number is fake. His Selective Service application is a fake. Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached for treason, rather than be re-elected! He is a Marxist radical follower of Saul Alinsky. He is unfit to lead this great country and is unfit for duty!
In regards to the smoke and mirror routine by Barack Obama and company, Vladimir Lenin said it best: "Communists should by 'necessity' not hesitate to resort to every kind of trick. cunning, illegal, expedient, concealment, suppression of truth."

Final message: “The Battle is at Our Front Door” – Paul E. Vallely, Major General (Retired)

Your job, as an elected official, is to guard the U.S. Constitution and the citizens of this country against the tyranny that has crept in since January 20, 2009. I ask you to STAND UP, STAND TALL and DENOUNCE (say NAY!) to Barack Obama's Electoral vote on January 6, 2013, as provided in Title 3, United States Code, Section 15:

Upon such reading of any such certificate or paper, the President of the Senate shall call for objections, if any. Every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one Senator and one Member of the House of Representatives before the same shall be received.


(1) Voter Fraud
Voter Fraud: Mental Hospitals’ Staffs Drove Patients To Polls, ‘Helped’ Them Vote For Obama In Statewide Organized Effort

(2004) Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections


Obama won in Cook County, IL by 992,995 votes! Strike an alarm?

22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham

(2) Donors, Bundlers and Foreign Donations
Obama Gives Taxpayer-Funded ‘Kickbacks’ To Big Donors, Bundlers

Obama Donors Get Obama Phone Kickbacks

Obama excepts foreign funds for his campaign

(3) ObamaCare – no link needed

(4) Fast and Furious
House Hearing

Fast and Furious,0,3828090.storygallery

(5) Benghazi
Benghazi Report - Gunrunning

Petraeus, Benghazi and passing the smell test

The Real Reason Behind Benghazigate?

The Obama Doctrine: American Lives Are Expendable

The motivating factors of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, supported 'spreading democracy' via mob rule! ||

(7) Egypt
Billions of US tax dollars sent to Egypt Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood

Lawmakers question gift of 20 F-16s to Morsi's Egypt

(8 ) Hamas
Against GOP objections, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that the Obama administration is sending $147 million in funding to the West Bank and Hamas-run Gaza.

(9) Security Clearances to Muslim Brotherhood
DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano named the devout Muslim Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council

(10) Weakened Military
Obama's Global Makeover

Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute

It's not just the enemy killing U.S. soldiers

(11) Green Energy Cronyism
Obama Donor's Hubby Gets $1B in Solar Loans

President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures

(12) Domestic Drilling
10 Things You Need to Know About High Gas Prices and Obama’s Oil Policy

(13) “We Can't Wait”[slutlig].pdf

(14) “Forward!”
Lenin's term “Forward”

(15) Appointed/Nominated Socialist/Marxist/Communist-tied Persons to Top Official Positions and (16) Communist/Communist-tied Friends and Mentors (interwoven)
Live NOW: Join Teletown Hall with Joe Biden, Hilda Solis and Richard Trumka

Hilda Solis – Marxist/Communist ties

Antonio Villaraigosa – MEChA, Aztlan, Marxist revolutionary

Richard Trumka – Marxist leader, AFL-CIO

Campaign for America’s Future

Obama's Close Friends & Associates

Frank Marshall Davis – FBI files

(17) 'Solidarity' with the communist-backed unions
Unions and Communists March Side By Side at May Day Rally - Los Angeles, Ca 5/1/2011

Union Airline Pilots Occupy Wall Street!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/gal-occupy-wall-1.jpg

(18 ) Salaries paid to union leaders
Millions in taxes paid to Union Bosses report shows

(19) Marxist/Communist Leaders Have Praised Obama's Re-election

(20) Obama Campaigned For Cousin, Raila Odinga, in Kenya
Book links Obama to massacre of Christians
U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has continued to support Kenya’s Raila Odinga

(21) Hollow Point Bullets
Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot?

Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition?
(22) Government Controlled News Media
Anita Dunn How We control news media!

(23) Budget, Deficit, Credit Rating – no link needed

(24) Open Border Policy

ICE Cancels Enforcement Agreements with 32 Local Partners

Obama's Illegal Amnesty Continues

"Homegrown" Terror and the Importance of Words

3,400 Border Patrol Agents on the Chopping Block

(25) Unemployment - Graphs: Jan 2000 – Nov 2012

(26) Food Stamps

(27) Cloward-Piven Strategy

(28) Other Treasonous Actions

(29) Ineligibility  ||

Final: The Battle is at Our Front Door – MG Vallely

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