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Author Topic: URGENT CALL TO ACTION: The House Of Reps Can Choose Our Next President  (Read 1500 times)

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  • DEMAND a recount of election 2012! Massive fraud cannot stand!
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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: The House Of Reps Can Choose Our Next President
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2012, 02:55:56 PM »

"What can YOU do?

ACT IMMEDIATELY because we only have until mid-December before the election is certified and then our only option is to pursue impeachment.Sign the following petitions:

  • Support Allen West's recount law suit financially if you can! The fact that Allen is pursuing a recount tells us he is a true conservative, not loyal to the "establishment". In addition - get this - the RNC just got behind his efforts! We may have a little RNC "Consent Decree" rebellion going on here.
  • I think the most important action we can take (in addition to supporting Allen West's law suit) is contact the Attorney Generals in all states (but ESPECIALLY Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, etc.) and request they legally investigate/pursue voter fraud. A list of Attorney Generals in Battleground States is below, and a link to a complete list of State Attorney Generals is also provided.
  • We can still contact all of the Electors, listed at the end of this post, and voice our concern of voter fraud (send them to and encourage them not to cast their votes until voter fraud is investigated. You can also encourage freedom-loving Democrat Electors to change their vote to Romney; many States don't bind Electors to vote for who they pledged to vote for and there may be some rogue/wavering Dems in the EC."
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